Béatrice Sommier and Alison Gourvès-Hayward: The Sexuality of Two Generations of Andalusian Heterosexual Couples. Social Reproduction and Arbitrary Biologisation of Gender Differences

Abstract. – This article deals with the sexuality of couples through a comparison of two generations men and women from an Andalusian village. It is based on an ethnographic study conducted over eleven years. We analyse and compare the pre- and post-marital sexual behaviours and representations of, first, the “old generation” and then the “young generation” in order to highlight what has changed and what remains stable. We conclude that, unlike in other areas of social life, in the area of sexuality men rather than women are associated with nature. This disparity leads us to demonstrate the arbitrary biologisation of gender differences. Finally, we attempt to explain the social reproduction of dominant male sexuality within a context of social change. [Spain, Andalusia, sexuality, gender, generations, naturalised social constructs]