Ilsemargret Luttmann: Die kongolesischen sapeurs zwischen Marginalisierung und celebrity Kult

Abstract. – This article outlines the continuities and the modifications of the socio-cultural movement of the Congolese dandies, or sapeurs as they call themselves. They have become the object of extensive global media coverage in recent years. I shall argue that the sapeurs themselves made use of the digital media technology to achieve the status of stars which they used for social advancement in concordance with the logic of the local economy of prestige. Their active exploitation of global media representation is seen as a novel resource for social reproduction following the breakdown of the economy of fraud. [DR Congo, fashion, migration, marginalisation, image of masculinity, media, modern consumption, diaspora]

Ilsemargret Luttmann, Dr. phil., Historikerin, Lehrbeauftragte an der Leuphana Universität Lüneburg. – Forschungsschwerpunkte sind Tourismus, Kulturerbe und urbane Kulturen in Afrika, afrikanischer Film, Globalisierung der Mode. – Publikationen s. Zitierte Literatur.