Celeste Medrano: Hacer a un perro. Relaciones entre los qom del Gran Chaco argentino y sus companeros animales de caza

Abstract. – This article reflects the relationship between Qom indigenous and their dogs based on ethnographic information. The aim is to understand the position of these animals in a sociocosmology where the border between wildlife and humans is unclear. We investigate the special care and teaching processes concerning dogs and how they become an extension of the hunter. We also ask about mascotization processes and how the relationships established with the “other” animal drive transformation processes that link living beings. Finally we argue that the dog is the paradigm of ambiguity but also an excellent example of how, through a process of transformation, the beings that exist in the Qom sociocosmology can cross categories. [Argentine, Gran Chaco, Qom (Toba), dog, pets, ethnozoology, zoo-sociocosmology]