Kaiser, Astrid: Relikte der Yámana-Kultur? Vergleichende Studie von Kindern aus Familien der Yámana auf der Isla Navarino

Abstract. – Martin Gusinde tried to preserve the relicts of the indigenous peoples of the Tierra del Fuego. Finally, only few of them survived, like, e.g., the “Yámana.” This article looks for
remaining patterns of culture in the behavior of the nowadays children generation of those families, which were in the focus of Gusinde’s research on the Island of Navarino. It presents the results of a research project, which applied the photovoice-method to children’s research. Hereby the range of motion and the objects of photographs taken by Yámana children are compared with those of other children in the same area of the Isla Navarino. [Tierra del Fuego, Yámana, Yágan, Gusinde, children, photovoice-method, patterns of culture]