Karl Arenz, Cândida Barros e Valeria Gauz: Um Catecismo Amazônico. O “Compendio da Doutrina Christam na Língua Portugueza & Brasilica” de João Felipe Bettendorff (1687)


Jesuit João Felipe Bettendorff (1625-1698) from Luxembourg was the author of the Compêndio da Doutrina Christam (1687). This catechism is the last work in Tupi language printed by the Society of Jesus in colonial times and the first, whose author was a Jesuit working in the Amazon. The analysis of Bettendorff’s trajectory and the contexts of the late seventeenth century help to understand the reasons for the publication of this catechism, being different from the one in use in the Jesuit missions. The two copies of the princeps edition still accessible allow a linguistic, historical and anthropological deepening of Jesuit evangelization in the Portuguese Amazon.