Chimaobi Onwukwe: Anthropolinguistic Analysis of Igbo Metaphorical Expressions


The study examines metaphorical expressions in Igbo. It specifically analyzes the linguistic and cultural values, and beliefs in Igbo metaphors. The study adopted the Key Informant Interview method in data collection as well as introspection as a native speaker of Igbo. It was discovered that interpretation of Igbo metaphorical expressions involves the linguistic features of implicature, inference and referencing well as understanding of the cultural nuances of the referents used in Igbo metaphors. The study identified that metaphorical expressions concretize the Igbo worldview. This worldview, beliefs and values are represented in the cultural connotations of referents of Igbo metaphors. The study identified some referents with their cultural connotations such as animals, and natural/physical objects. The study concludes that understanding of metaphor in Igbo entails knowledge of cultural and contextual nuances of the referent of the metaphor in the Igbo language and culture.

[Nigeria, Igbo, anthropolinguistics, metaphor, Igbo language, culture]