Michael Singleton: St. George and the Dragon – the Self and the Other. Part 2,


Letting the St. George of the medieval legend stand for the Self (G) and the Dragon (D) for the Other (human and nonhuman), then a priori their relationship lends itself to three main models: the first, g<D, where the Other gives all and receives nothing from the Self in return, the second, G+D, where the Self and the Other give and take, the third, G>d, where the Self grabs all and the Other loses everything. A posteriori, taking religion (ligare) properly so-called to be based on obligatory reciprocity, hunter-gatherers, “primitive” agriculturalists, and neoliberal capitalists, respectively, embody a-religious, religious, and irreligious Choices of Society – options still of vital importance for our common future.

[St. George, the Dragon, the Self, the Other, hunting-gathering, agriculture, capitalism, mankind’s future]