Marisol Palma Behnke: Diario del tercer viaje de Martín Gusinde a Tierra del Fuego (1921-1922). Introducción y comentario a la traducción y publicación del documento inédito: Parte II.


The text is part of a series of publications (Palma 2018a, 2018b) of the unpublished travel diaries of the German Catholic missionary priest and researcher that are preserved in the archive of the Anthropos Institute in Sankt Augustin, Germany. The article introduces and contextualizes the publication and translation of a second part of the diary, or logbook, of Martin Gusindeʼs third trip to Tierra del Fuego (1921-1922), and at the same time comments on the methodological problems that challenge a critical heuristic of travel diaries. The article focuses on the expedition which Gusinde made together with W. Koppers during the first two weeks of February 1922, from Puerto Remolino to Estancia Viamonte that belonged to the Bridges family.

[Tierra del Fuego, Martin Gusinde, Selk’nam, Haush, Anthropos Institute, diary of Gusinde’s third trip]