Hebe A. González y Silvia Hirsch: Abordaje etnolingüístico y etnográfico de las prácticas y conocimientos en torno a la salud reproductiva en comunidades tapiete de la Argentina


The purpose of this article is to document the vocabulary, practices, and ancestral knowledge of Tapiete women in relation to reproductive processes (menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum). The research attempts to understand aspects of experiences of these practices entail and how these are evidenced in the Tapiete language spoken by the community “Misión Los Tapietes” in the city of Tartagal, General José de San Martín Department, Salta Province, Argentina. Moreover, we examine in which ways the vocabulary of the body and the reproductive processes provide ways of understanding meanings ascribed by women. Research is based on ethnolinguistic and ethnographic interdisciplinary fieldwork carried out with Tapiete women.

[Argentina, Salta Province, Tapiete vocabulary, sexual and reproductive health, indigenous women]