Tian Guang: The Development of Business Anthropology in China


As an important branch of applied anthropology, business anthropology has developed well in China in the recent past. This has attracted the attention of not only the academic society but also of industrial and commercial circles. This article illustrates the emergence and the development of business anthropology in China. It affirms the work of pioneers for development of business anthropology in China. It elaborates on what contemporary management and anthropological scholars have contributed to promote business anthropology in China. Moreover, it expounds, from various perspectives, on the role that business anthropology can play for/in China. China is a large country developing at an astonishing speed. Chinese society is transforming from a traditional agricultural and pre-industrial phase into a post-industrial and commercial phase. Therefore, the development of business anthropology in China is promising. 

[China, Fei Xiaotong, Shi Zhengyi, International Journal of Business Anthropology, Chinese scholars of business anthropology]