Andrey V. Ivanov und Olga V. Baykova: Lexikalische Entlehnungen im Sprachkontakt (am Beispiel der Sprache von Russlanddeutschen mit Wohnsitz in der russischen Region Kirow)


German island dialects of the Kirov region are considered to be transmigratory and defined as dying out language forms which are characterized by the special supra-regional formation. The relevance of the study of the island dialects of the Kirov region is determined by the sociolinguistic, historical, and linguistic value of the insular German dialectology in connection with development peculiarities and functional features of dialects in alien language surroundings. The present article analyses lexical borrowings in the Russian Germans’ language of the Kirov region as a lexical means used in language interaction. Materials of dialectological and ethnographic expeditions build an empirical basis of the study.

[Language contacts, language interaction, Russian Germans, island dialects, lexical borrowings]