Tilman Musch et Mahuma Abaliy Sediké: Au-delà du désordre. Les lois, le médiateur et les valeurs du kundugu dans la société teda


This article examines how laws (kalaka), the institution of the mediator, and a moral and social code (kundude) contribute, through a common ethics, to maintaining social cohesion in Tubu Teda society. It shows that the analytical concept of “disorder,” which has been used to characterize Teda society from colonial times to the present day, is not suitable for grasping the complex reality of this group living dispersed over a wide area. This article is the result of an innovative cooperation between a German ethnologist and a “local” Teda historian from Dirkou in Niger. 

[Central Sahara, Teda, Toubou, customary justice, local history, disorder]

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