Reports and Comments

Rob Sullivan: Bourdieu and the Analogical Transposition. The One into the Other 589 - 599

C. R. Sathyanarayanan: Bachelor-Halls, Sharing and Collective Living of the Muduvan Tribe in the Anamalai Hills of South India 599 - 604

Antoinette DeNapoli: Folksongs of North India. A Review Article 604 - 608

Robert Eugene Smith: Réalités coloniales congolaises. Trois cas 609 - 612

Matthew Muriuki Karangi: The Gĩkũyũ Religion and Philosophy. A Tool for Understanding the Current Religio-Political Debates in Kenya 612 - 622

Carlos Nogueira: Os lenços de namorados. Amor e corpo 622 - 627
John A. Z’graggen (†): The Bird of Paradise, the Heraldic Animal of Papua New Guinea 628 - 629

Book Reviews

Apffel-Marglin, Frédérique: Subversive Spiritualities .How Rituals Enact the World (Hanna Heinrich) 631

El-Aswad, el-Sayed: Muslim Worldviews and Everyday Lives (Daniel Martin Varisco) 632

Barton, Gary, and Stefan Dietrich: This Ingenious and Singular Apparatus . Fishing Kites of the Indo-Pacific (Wolfgang Marschall) 634
Black, Rachel E.: Porta Palazzo . The Anthropology of an Italian Market (Brigida Marovelli) 634

Bloch, Maurice: Anthropology and the Cognitive Challenge (Thomas Wynn) 635

Bolten, Catherine E.: I Did It to Save My Life . Love and Survival in Sierra Leone (Jacqueline Knörr). 636

Bordin, Guy: On dansait seulement la nuit . Fêtes chez les Inuit du nord de la Terre de Baffin (Murielle Nagy) 637

Bowen, John R.: A New Anthropology of Islam (Othmar Gächter) 638

Brotherton, R. Sean: Revolutionary Medicine . Health and the Body in Post-Soviet Cuba (Robert Huish) 639

Casajus, Dominique, et Fabio Viti (éds .): La terre et le pouvoir . À la mémoire de Michel Izard (Marie-France Chevron). 641

Datta, Birendranath: Cultural Contours of North-East India (Marion Wettstein) 644
Descola, Philippe: Claude Lévi-Strauss, un parcours dans le siècle (Juan Javier Rivera Andía) 645
Dole, Christopher: Healing Secular Life . Loss and Devotion in Modern Turkey (Markus Dressler). 646

Drover, Lauren: Christen in Thailand . Am Beispiel der
Karen und der Akha (Roland Mischung)649

Dupret, Baudouin, Thomas Pierret, Paulo G. Pinto, and Kathryn Spellman-Poots (eds .): Ethnographies of Islam . Ritual Performances and Everyday Practices (Nile Green) 650

Endres, Kirsten W., and Andrea Lauser (eds .): Engaging the Spirit World . Popular Beliefs and Practices in Modern Southeast Asia (Benjamin Baumann) 652

Englund, Harri: Human Rights and African Airwaves . Mediating Equality on the Chichewa Radio (Judith Al-brecht). 653
Feinberg, Richard, and Richard Scaglion (eds .): Polynesian Outliers . The State of the Art (Janet Dixon Keller) 654

Frembgen, Jürgen Wasim: At the Shrine of the Red Sufi . Five Days and Nights on Pilgrimage in Pakistan (Ida Sofie Matzen) 655

Galinier, Jacques: Une nuit d’épouvante . Les Indiens Otomi dans l’obscurité (Magali Demanget) 656

Gulbrandsen, Ørnulf: The State and the Social . State Formation in Botswana and Its Pre-Colonial and Colonial Genealogies (Betsey Behr Brada) 657

Hauser-Schäublin, Brigitta (ed .): World Heritage Angkor and Beyond . Circumstances and Implications of UNESCO Listings in Cambodia (William Chapman) 659

Headley, Stephen C.: Christ after Communism . Spiritual Authority and Its Transmission in Moscow Today (Zoe Knox) 660
Hermann, Elfriede (ed .): Changing Contexts, Shifting Meanings . Transformations of Cultural Traditions in Oceania (Arno Pascht) 661

Hoffmannn, Beatrix, und Hansjörg Dilger (Hrsg .): Räume durch Bewegung . Ethnographische Perspektiven auf eine vernetzte Welt (David Johannes Berchem). 664

Hüsken, Ute, and Frank Neubert (eds .): Negotiating
Rites (Shireen Mirza) 666

Inhorn, Marcia C., and Emily A. Wentzell (eds .): Medical Anthropology at the Intersections . Histories, Activisms, and Futures (Laura L . Heinemann) 667

Iselin, Regula: Die Gestaltung der Dinge . Außereuropäische Kulturgüter und Designgeschichte (Nadja Furrer) 669

Kaskija, Lars: Images of a Forest People . Punan Malinau – Identity, Sociality, and Encapsulation in Borneo (Cristina Eghenter) 670

Kästner, Sibylle: Jagende Sammlerinnen und sammelnde Jägerinnen . Wie australische Aborigines-Frauen Tiere erbeuten (Corinna Erckenbrecht) 671

Khan, Naveeda: Muslim Becoming . Aspiration and Skepticism in Pakistan (Robert Rozehnal) 673

Koppel, Tom: Mystery Islands . Discovering the Ancient
Pacific (Erich Kasten) 674

Kreinath, Jens (ed .): The Anthropology of Islam Reader (Amira Mittermaier) 676

Labate, Beatrix Caiuby, and Henrik Jungaberle (eds .): The Internationalization of Ayahuasca (Alberto Groisman). 677
Leaf, Murray, and Dwight Read: Human Thought and Social Organization . Anthropology on a New Plane (Bojka Milicic) 679

León-Portilla, Miguel: Fünfzehn Dichter aus der aztekischen Welt (Brigitte Wiesenbauer) 680

Lima, Edilene Coffaci de, e Lorena Córdoba (orgs .): Os outros dos outros . Relações de alteridade na etnologia sul-americana (Augustina Altman) 680

Linska Marion: Selbst-/Reflexion in der Kultur- & Sozialanthropologie (Frank André Weigelt) 682

Lyons, Malcolm C.: The Man of Wiles in Popular Arabic Literature . A Study of a Medieval Arab Hero (Edwin P .
Wieringa) 683

McNamara, Laura A., and Robert A. Rubinstein
(eds .): Dangerous Liaisons . Anthropologists and the National Security State (Ken MacLeish) 684

Martínez Sarasola, Carlos: De manera sagrada y en celebración . Identidad, cosmovisión y espiritualidad en los pueblos indígenas (Sabine Kradolfer) 685

Mersmann, Susanne: Die Musées du Trocadéro . Violletle-Duc und der Kanondiskurs im Paris des 19 . Jahrhunderts (Anne-Marie Bonnet und Daniela Wilmes) 687

Miller, Norman N.: Encounters with Witchcraft . Field Notes from Africa (T . O . Beidelman) 688

Muehlebach, Andrea: The Moral Neoliberal . Welfare and Citizenship in Italy (Pier Paolo Viazzo) . 689
Neofotistos, Vasiliki P.: The Risk of War . Everyday Sociality in the Republic of Macedonia (Rozita Dimova) 690

Omidian, Patricia A.: When Bamboo Bloom . An Anthropologist in Taliban’s Afghanistan (M . Jamil Hanifi) 691

Paulus, Christiane (Hrsg .): Amīn al-Ḫūlī . Die Verbindung des Islam mit der christlichen Reformation (Ulrike
Krasberg) 693

Pestiau, Joseph: Froidchapelle . Un village entre Sambre et Meuse, 1900–1950 (Isabelle Parmentier) 696

Pfaff-Czarnecka, Joanna, and Gérard Toffin (eds .): The Politics of Belonging in the Himalayas . Local Attach- ments and Boundary Dynamics (Carole McGranahan) 697

Phillips, Susan A.: Operation Fly Trap . L .A . Gangs, Drugs, and the Law (Mary H . Glazier) 698

Picard, David: Tourism, Magic, and Modernity . Cultivating the Human Garden (Regina F . Bendix) 698

Ramos-Zayas, Ana Y.: Street Therapists . Race, Affect, and Neoliberal Personhood in Latino Newark (Elizabeth
Kath) 699

Rapport, Nigel: Anyone . The Cosmopolitan Subject of Anthropology (Timothy E . Murphy) 700

Riese, Berthold: Mexiko und das pazifische Asien in der frühen Kolonialzeit (Brigitte Wiesenbauer) 701

Robben, Antonius C. G. M., and Jeffrey A. Sluka (eds .): Ethnographic Fieldwork . An Anthropological Reader (Gene Ammarell) 702

Schäfer, Rita: Gender und ländliche Entwicklung in Afrika . Eine kommentierte Bibliographie (Barbara Gärber) 703

Schäffler, Hilde: Ritual als Dienstleistung . Die Praxis professioneller Hochzeitsplanung (Sarah Braun) 705

Schellenberger, Uwe: Transmigration als Lebensstil . Selbstbilder und Erfahrungswelten von Pendlern zwischen Deutschland und Neuseeland (James Bade) 706

Schlee, Günther, and Abdullahi A. Shongolo: Pastoralism and Politics in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia (John G . Galaty) 707

Schneider, Katharina: Saltwater Sociality . A Melanesian Island Ethnography (Eleanor Rimoldi) 708

Singer, Merrill, and Hans Baer: Introducing Medical Anthropology . A Discipline in Action (Heide Castañeda) . 710

Spittler, Gerd, and Michael Bourdillon (eds): African Children at Work . Working and Learning in Growing Up for Life (Kate Hampshire) . 710

Steuer, Noemi: Krankheit und Ehre . Über HIV und soziale Anerkennung in Mali (Katarina Greifeld) . 711

Strong, Sarah M.: Ainu Spirits Singing . The Living World of Chiri Yukie’s Ainu Shin’yōshū (Maya Sol Nie-
melä) . 712

Talmont-Kamiński, Konrad: In a Mirror, Darkly . How the Supernatural Reflects Rationality (Andrzej Bronk) 714

Telesca, Ignacio y Gabriel Insaurralde (eds .): Melià, escritos en homenaje (María Agustina Morando) . 715

Tung, Tiffiny A.: Violence, Ritual, and the Wari Empire . A Social Bioarchaeology of Imperialism in the Ancient Andes (Elmo Léon Canales) 717

Ulturgasheva, Olga: Narrating the Future in Siberia . Childhood, Adolescence, and Autobiography among Young Eveny (Marjorie Mandelstam Balzer) 719

Valsecchi, Pierluigi: Power and State Formation in West Africa . Appolonia from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century (Ineke van Kessel) 720

Vogel, Melissa A.: Frontier Life in Ancient Peru . The Archaeolog of Cerro la Cruz (Elmo Léon Canales) 721

Wade, Geoff, and Li Tana (eds .): Anthony Reid and the Study of the Southeast Asian Past (Wolfgang Marschall) 723

Walsh, Andrew: Made in Madagascar . Sapphires, Ecotourism, and the Global Bazaar (Rosaleen Duffy) 724

Yong, Amos, and Estrelda Y. Alexander (eds .): Afro- Pentecostalism . Black Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity in History and Culture (Paul Gifford) 725

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