Darius J. Piwowarczyk [ed.]

Sexuality and Gender in Intercultural Perspective

An Anthropos Reader

The volume – the second special issue of “Anthropos” – is a déjà-lu anthology of ten articles of various authors, written in English and German, concerning sexuality and gender in various cultures of the world that were published in this journal between 1970 and 2013. It covers a broad spectrum of topics, including homosexuality and transvestitism in Siberian shamanism; cultural construction of gender in connection with female cannibalism in New Guinea; reproduction of gender differences in contemporary Spain; ethnic identity and sex in Nigeria; Balinese ideas and practices connected with sex; and transnational intimate relations in the globalized world.

The volume is intended as a contribution to the ongoing discussion on human sexuality by providing insights based on ethnographical and ethno-historical research.

Table of contents

Gender and Sexuality in Intercultural Perspective. An Introduction
     Darius J. Piwowarczyk

Homosexualität und Transvestition im Schamanismus
     Gisela Bleibtreu-Ehrenberg

Notes about Some Balinese Ideas and Practices Connected with Sex from Western Lombok
     Andrew Duff-Cooper

Gender Inversion in Nandi Ritual
     Jane Tapsubei Creider and Chet A. Creider

Ethnic Identity and Sex. Stereotyping as Adaptive Strategy among the Yoruba of Southwestern Nigeria
     Olatunde B. Lawuyi

The Social Construction of Gender. Female Cannibalism in New Guinea
     Ilka Thiessen

The Way of All Flesh. Sexual Implications of the Mayan Hunt
     H. E. M. Braakhuis

Sex and Conquest. A Redundant Copula?
     Peter Mason

Der Sexgeist und der Chusalungu. Überlegungen zum Mythos bei „postmodernen“ Indianern
     Bernhard Wörrle

The Sexuality of Two Generations of Andalusian Heterosexual Couples. Social Reproduction and Arbitrary Biologisation of Gender Differences
     Béatrice Sommier and Alison Gourvès-Hayward

Transnationale Intimbeziehungen. Zur aktuellen Transformationslogik von Gender und Sexualität im Ferntourismus 
     Barbara Grubner, Kerstin Tiefenbacher und Patricia Zuckerhut


ISBN 978-3-89665-907-1 (Print)
ISBN 978-3-89665-908-8 (ePDF)