A. A. Matusovskiy: Ritos del ciclo anual en la Amazonía colombiana. Contexto sociocultural


The rite of the yurupari is typical of representatives of the indigenous groups that are part of the sociocultural community of Vaupes. Yurupari is the seasonal ritual. In the annual cycle of the indigenous groups in which it exists, the yurupari is linked to the maturation of certain types of fruits or fruits of peach palm (Guilielma speciosa Mart). Yucuna, who live in the southern limit of the area of the propagation of the Vaupés culture, have their own characteristic ritual, which they call the dance of dolls. Yucuna informants say that the doll dance is a rite of yurupari. Why do the Yucuna seek to designate the dance of dolls as the yurupari? Why do they need it and why is it important for them? The anthropologist still has many questions to consider. The article is based on an analysis of the field materials received by the speaker during a visit to barasana in 2014 and Yucuna in 2015, living in the Colombian Amazonia.

[Amazonia, Colombian Amazonia, Indigenous of the Amazonia, Yucuna, yurupari, dance of dolls]