Reports and Comments

Josef Thiel: Hermann Hochegger – Missionar und Ethnologe im Kongo (1931–2009) 685-690

Henrik Egbert: Marcel Mauss und ökonomische Theorien. Die Institution Geld 690-700

Georg Schifko: Zur indirekten Rezeption einer traditionellen mongolischen Haartracht in der Paläozoologie, die über den Umweg der Science-Fiction-Saga “Star Wars” erfolgt ist 700-703

Book Reviews

Bangstad, Sindre (ed.): Anthropology of Our Times. An Edited Anthology in Public Anthropology (Robin Whitaker). 705

Baptista, Joao Afonso: The Good Holiday. Development, Tourism, and the Politics of Benevolence in Mozambique (Robert Fletcher). 706

Bregnbak, Susanne, and Mikkel Bunkenborg (eds.): Emptiness and Fullness. Ethnographies of Lack and Desire in Contemporary China (Jamie Coates). 707

Broch-Due, Vigdis, and Margit Ystanes (eds.): Trusting and Its Tribulations. Interdisciplinary Engagements with Intimacy, Sociality, and Trust (Jacek Jan Pawlik) . 708

Chrzan, Jane, and John Brett (eds.): Food Health. Nutrition, Technology, and Public Health (Amy K. McLennan). 710

Cochrane, Laura L.: Everyday Faith in Sufi Senegal (Monika Brodnicka). 711

Dalsgaard, Steffen, and Morten Nielsen (eds.): Time and the Field (Evelyn Wladarsch). 712

Deimel, Claus: Des Museums neue Kleider. Die Riten im Museum der Menschen (Ulrike Krasberg). 714

Dinslage, Sabine, and Sophia Thubauville (eds.): Seeking Out Wise Old Men. Six Decades of Ethiopian Studies at the Frobenius Institute Revisited (Shauna LaTosky). 716

Draycott, Jane, and Emma-Jayne Graham (eds.): Bodies of Evidence. Ancient Anatomical Votives Past, Present, and Future (Evy Johanne Haland). 718

Drew, Georgina: River Dialogues. Hindu Faith and the Political Ecology of Dams on the Sacred Ganga (Othmar Gächter). 720

Elliot, Alice, Roger Norum, and Noel B. Salazar (eds.): Methodologies of Mobility. Ethnography and Experiment (André Nóvoa). 721

Elmore, Mark: Becoming Religious in a Secular Age (Brian K. Pennington). 722

Fantaw, Setargew Kenaw: Technology-Culture Dialogue. Cultural and Sociotechnical Appropriation of Mobile Phones in Ethiopia (Hans P. Hahn). 723

Feest, Christian, und C. Ronald Corum: Frederick Weygold. Künstler und Erforscher nordamerikanischer Indianer (Nikolaus Stolle). 724

Flaskerud, Ingvild, and Richard J. Natvig (eds.): Muslim Pilgrimage in Europe (Seán McLoughlin). 725

Gago, Veronica: Neoliberalism from below. Popular Pragmatics and Baroque Economies (Pascal Henke). 726

Gotz, Irene, Johannes Moser, Moritz Ege und Burkhart Lauterbach (Hrsg.): Europäische Ethnologie in München. Ein kulturwissenschaftlicher Reader (David J. Berchem). 727

Grana-Behrens, Daniel (ed.): Places of Power and Memory in Mesoamerica’s Past and Present. How Sites, Toponyms, and Landscapes Shape History and Remembrance (Susan D. Gillespie). 728

Gunsenheimer, Antje, Monika Wehrheim, Mechthild Albert und Karoline Noack (Hrsg.): 2012 – die globalisierte Apokalypse aus lateinamerikanischer Perspektive (Josef Drexler). 730

Hew, Wai Weng: Chinese Ways of Being Muslim. Negotiating Ethnicity and Religiosity in Indonesia (Vinsensius Adi Gunawan). 731

Hillermann, Hendrik: Victor Witter Turner. Eine Biografie (Harald Grauer). 733

Hoffman, Danny: Monrovia Modern. Urban Form and Political Imagination in Liberia (Ilmari Käihkö). 734

Hoffmann, Beatrix, and Karoline Noack (eds.): Apalai – Tiriyó – Wayana … Objects_Collections_Databases (María Susana Cipolletti). 735

Holbraad, Martin, and Morten Axel Pedersen: The Ontological Turn. An Anthropological Exposition (Juan Javier Rivera Andía). 736

Hull, Kerry: A Dictionary of Ch’orti’ Mayan-Spanish- English (Frauke Sachse). 739

Jansen, Maarten, and Gabina Aurora Perez Jimenez: Time and the Ancestors. Aztec and Mixtec Ritual Art (Daniel Grana-Behrens). 740

Jochelson, Waldemar: Aus dem Fernen Osten Russlands. Deutschsprachige Schriften (1881–1908) (Eva-Maria Stolberg). 741

Kalny, Eva: Soziale Bewegungen in Guatemala. Eine kritische Theoriediskussion (Georg Grünberg). 742

Keeler, Ward: The Traffic in Hierarchy. Masculinity and Its Others in Buddhist Burma (Laura Hornig). 743

Kerestetzi, Katerina: Vivre avec les morts a Cuba. Réinvention et transmission religieuse dans le palo monte (María Susana Cipolletti). 744

Lambek, Michael: The Ethical Condition. Essays on Action, Person, and Value (Emanuel Schaeublin). 746

Lipset, David: Yabar. The Alienations of Murik Men in a Papua New Guinea Modernity (Roger Ivar Lohmann). 747

Meintjes, Louise: Dust of the Zulu. Ngoma Aesthetics after Apartheid (Thomas M. Pooley). 749

Plemons, Eric: The Look of a Woman. Facial Feminization Surgery and the Aims of Trans-Medicine (Zowie Davy). 750

Poser, Alexis von, und Bianca Baumann (Hrsg.): Heikles Erbe. Koloniale Spuren bis in die Gegenwart (Sarah Fründt). 751

Price, Richard, and Sally Price: Saamaka Dreaming (Cheryl White) 753

Rivinius, Karl Josef, SVD: Bildungsoffensive. P. Wilhelm Schmidt SVD in Ostasien (1935) (Peter Rohrbacher) 754

Robb, Matthew H. (ed.): Teotihuacan. City of Water, City of Fire (Daniel Grana-Behrens) 756

Rush, James R.: Hamka’s Great Story. A Master Writer’s Vision of Islam for Modern Indonesia (E. P. Wieringa) 757

Seiser, Gertraud (Hrsg.): Ökonomische Anthropologie. Einführung und Fallbeispiele (Oliwia Murawska) 758

Severi, Carlo, and William F. Hanks (eds.): Translating Worlds. The Epistemological Space of Translation (Anders Norge Lauridsen) 760

Taee, Jonathan: The Patient Multiple. An Ethnography of Healthcare and Decision-Making in Bhutan (Barbara Gerke) 761

Trawick, Margaret: Death, Beauty, Struggle. Untouchable Women Create the World (Karin Kapadia) 762

Tsing, Anna, Heather Swanson, Elaine Gan, and Nils Bubandt (eds.): Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet. Ghosts and Monsters of the Anthropocene (Juan Javier Rivera Andía) 763

Ulin Agan, Polykarp, SVD (Hrsg.): Pentekostalismus – Pfingstkirchen (Uta Andrée) 764

Urioste-Buschmann, Martina: Afro-karibische Glaubensfeste im antillanischen Gegenwartsroman. Gesellschaftskritische Inszenierungen zwischen kulturanthropologischer Perspektive und spiritueller Entgrenzungserfahrung (Peter Braun) 765

Valentine, Paul, Stephen Beckerman, and Catherine Ales (eds.): The Anthropology of Marriage in Lowland South America. Bending and Breaking the Rules (L. M. Rival) 767

Walton, Grant W.: Anti-Corruption and Its Discontents. Local, National, and International Perspectives on Corruption in Papua New Guinea (Roland Seib) 769

Wassmann, Jurg: The Gently Bowing Person. An Ideal among the Yupno in Papua New Guinea (Cypri Jehan Paju Dale) 770

White, Geoffrey M.: Memorializing Pearl Harbor. Unfinished Histories and the Work of Remembrance (Takashi Yoshida) 771

Youkhana, Eva (ed.): Border Transgression. Mobility and Mobilization in Crisis (Harald Mossbrucker) 772

Miszelle (Piwowarczyk, Darius J.: Examining the Nazca Lines) 775

December 2018


Anthropos 113.2018/2

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