Anthropos Institute International

Anthropos Institute went through a process of restructuring to adapt itself to the present global situation. It culminated in the approval of the new Statutes and the formal emergence of “Anthropos Institute International” in 2003. As a result, it changed from the institute understood primarily as a center in Europe, where the director resided and where the council met, into a worldwide network of individual members and associated institutes headed by the Coordinator whose office is not tied to any center or country and who meets with his council using modern Internet technologies.
Dr. Roger Schroeder (Chicago, USA) has been reappointed as the coordinator for the 2019-2021 term. Dr. S.M. Michael (Mumbai, India) and Dr. Stanisław Grodź (Sankt Augustin, Germany) were appointed as the councilors for this term.
For any business related to the international network of Anthropos Institute, contact Roger Schroeder.
At the beginning of 2020, the Institute has 46 members who are working in (or are associated with) various institutions, including the following:

  • Anthropos Institute Sankt Augustin: responsible for the publications of Anthropos journal and two book series

  • Institute of Indian Culture (former Anthropos Institute of India), Mumbai, India

  • Sanskriti: North Eastern Institute of Cultural Research, Guwahati, India

  • Melanesian Institute, Goroka, Papua New Guinea

  • Tamale Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies, Tamale, Ghana

  • Aditya Wacana: Center for Studies of Religion and Culture, Malang, Indonesia

  • Nanzan Anthropological Institute, Nagoya, Japan

  • Anthropos do Brasil, Brazil

  • Sanskruti – Institute of Dravidian Culture and Research, Hyderabad, India

  • Sanskruti Kendra – Tribal Cultural and Research Centre, Sundargarh, India