Information for Authors

Anthropos is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes research articles, reports, commentaries, and reviews in all areas of cultural anthropology and the scientific study of religion. As a rule, we accept only original texts not previously published online or in any other journal. The length of contributions should not exceed 14,000 words, or 100,000 bytes.

Manuscripts are evaluated by the editorial board and by external specialists. The evaluation may take a few months. Once a manuscript is accepted for publication, an electronic version (CD or e-mail attachment), in the Microsoft format, may be requested. That version must be identical with the version already reviewed and accepted. Changes can be made only with the consent of the editor. Rejected manuscripts are returned to authors without comments. In these cases, a follow-up discussion between the editor and the author is not possible. However, Anthropos encourages readers and contributors to discuss the published articles. Factual and courteous reply articles will be put in print.

Anthropos invites publishers to send books for review. The review editor selects the books and sends them to experts with the request to write a review. In general, reviews will appear in the section Rezensionen of our journal within two years of the book’s publication. Reviewers are requested to abide by the following guidelines: Reviews should be between 500 words (3,500 bytes) and 1,200 words (8.500 bytes) in length. They should contain no footnotes and no lists of references.

Articles and book reviews can be submitted, and will be published, in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. The authors of contributions published in the section Articles Berichte und Kommentare receive 30 free offprints and the authors of book reviews receive a PDF copy of their contributions.

Submissions are considered for publication on the understanding that the author offers Anthropos an exclusive option for publication. It is the responsibility of the author to obtain permissions for any previously published material. The editors reserve the right to make editorial revisions, but will not make major changes without the author’s approval.

Articles can be submitted in an electronic form (e-mail attachment or CD), preferably in Word format, or in hard copy. All texts – including quotations, references cited, and notes – should be double spaced. All illustrative material (drawings, charts, maps, diagrams, etc.) should be submitted in a form suitable for publication without redrawing. Photographs should be good-quality, high contrast, and with a resolution of at least 300 DPI.

All articles should be accompanied by an abstract (in English) of not more than 100 words and by relevant data about the author’s academic career and status and his or her major publications (in the language the article is written in). The abstract should end with a bracketed list of five or six index words. Acknowledgements may be added as an unnumbered note at the end of the text.

References to publications should be included in the text, not in the footnotes. They should be given by the name of the author, the year of publication, and the page number, e.g.:

... as Sapir has noted (1921:39) ...
... Sapir has already said: “All grammars leak” (1921:39).
... the well-known maxim: “All grammars leak” (Sapir 1921:39) ...

The References Cited (Zitierte Literatur, Références citées) should be presented according to the following model:

Fowler, Catherine, and Joy Leland
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Ndongo, Azap
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Radcliffe-Brown, A.R., and Daryll Forde (eds.)
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Wagoum, Célestin
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In general typeset proofs are sent to authors in electronic form. Corrected proofs should be returned as soon as possible; if proofs are not returned on time, the editors will send their own corrected proofs to print. At that stage, all changes and additions by an author are suggestions only and may be disregarded at the discretion of the editors.




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