Agata Świerzowska: From Rāmacharaka’s “Standard of the Normal Man” to Lutosławski’s Strategy of National Revival. How Rāmacharaka’s Interpretation of Yoga Fits with the Early Stage of Yoga Adaptation in Poland


The aim of the article is to present how Rāmacharaka’s vision of yoga fits with the initial stage of yoga adaptation in Poland. The focus lays on the fact how elements of Rāmacharaka’s yoga were used by Wincenty Lutosławski in his system of yoga, described as “the development of the power of will”. It may be assumed that it was Lutosławski’s activity, who not only wrote the first Polish yoga textbook but was also deeply involved in promoting his system, that contributed to the wider interest in Rāmacharaka and introduced his specific understanding of yoga to this part of Europe.