Geremia Cometti: A Cosmopolitical Ethnography of a Changing Climate among the Q’ero of the Peruvian Andes


The Q’ero of the Peruvian Andes are suffering rapid changes in their environment due to climate change. This article puts forward the necessity of a cosmopolitical ethnography in order to understand how a specific society deals with climate change. On the one hand, a subtle ethnography can indeed enable the researcher to transcribe the point of view of the societies directly concerned, making it possible to go beyond an approach based on the dichotomies emanating from state policies and development enterprises, like those between nature and culture or tradition and modernity. On the other hand, a cosmopolitical approach will shed new light on the way in which those societies confront this double threat by revealing the cohabitation of multiple worlds.

[Peru, Andean mountains, cosmopolitical ethnography, climate change, reciprocal relationship]